Is There a Solution to the Recurrent Gun Problem in America?

The ‘Grim Reaper’, Republican Mitch McConnell. Photo:
The Trump dynasty. The ex-President, with his daughter Ivanka, and to her right, sons Donald Jr. and Eric. Photo: Getty -

The Physics’ principle of action and reaction:

A force applied to a body will generate a similar force to the one applied to it, with the same intensity, but in the oppossite direction.

T-shirts utilized during Mitch McConnell’s Kentucky Senate reelection campaign. Photo:

“ It was nothing new for Mr McConnell though, a master of delay who famously said in 2010 the “most thing we want to achieve” was making Barack Obama a “one-term president”.



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Eugenio Magdalena

Eugenio Magdalena

Eugenio is a disabled Economist (UCAB, Caracas), cursed a post-graduate Diploma in Marketing (Strathclyde University, Scotland, UK), and an MBA (England, UK).