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2 min readSep 24, 2020


Even though, based on wrong 2016 polls,…

It’s Going to be a Landslide Victory for Biden.

… some people have serious — or purposefully invented — doubts about it.

Joe Biden, surely the winner of the upcoming Presidential election. Photo:

To me, there are no doubts whatsoever (and I’m not precisely a Democrat!):

Biden will win the upcoming Presidential election by an ample margin!


It is simple really.

Not only because Trump has managed to put against him the majority of blacks, women, Latins, Muslims, and in general, anyone different from him.

But also because he systematically has lied to the Americans, trying for them to accept a “wonderful reality” that exists only in his head.

The COVID-19 pandemic, and his mismanagement of it, just showed his lack of competence for the top job of the country.

His frequent gaffes and bad advice during the crisis— affecting everybody, even his own supporters — was enough to deny him reelection, but he just made things worse for himself when, faced with his opponent clear advantage, he repeatedly proved his lack of concern for the U.S. Constitution, clearly in his own words, when suggesting not only an extended current mandate for him but also his permanence in the Presidency for a dictatorial more than two terms.

As the song of the Jamaican singer Bob Marley reads:

you can fool people some time, but you can’t fool all of the people all the time”

Bob Marley’song: “Get up, stand up”

I can't see how the Americans would want that type of leadership for their country. And forget about the Electoral College, the Russian interference, or Trump’s treats of fraud, judiciary courts, or street violence.

They are just desperate attempts to avoid the inevitable: An epic landslide victory — Senate included — for the Democrats in the November election!



Eugenio Magdalena

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