Fortunately, a younger “brand” of Democrat politicians is emerging now…

Money has Dehumanized Most U.S. Politicians.

… “lead” by AOC, and under the banner of ‘Democratic Socialism’, this new face of the Democrats brings a much needed refreshing breeze to the U.S.A’. politics.

“Faces of desperate people”, work on pencil over passportou, by Braden P.A. Van Den (1896–1979), France. Photo:

For most of my adult life, and although I am not an American, I’ve been a Republican sympathizer, however, the current Republican party is not the party that inspired that sentiment on me.

By supporting President Trump’s verbal abuses; his evident disdain for blacks, brown people, women, disabled, Latins, the Constitution of the U.S., ‘friendly’ country-leaders, and completing the paradox, his ‘friendly’ attitude towards despotic, authoritarian leaders; plus his runaway desire for money and power, the Republican party of today has evolved into something I profoundly am against, so I can’t have sentiments of sympathy for that party anymore.

Did you watch, for instance, President Trump throwing paper rolls at the Puerto Rican survivors of hurricane ‘Maria’? He very much behaved like a scholar boy throwing peanuts to the monkies at a zoo!

That was disgusting!

Sickly lack of humanity!


You see, for the first time in my life, I visited California last year, and although I marveled at the beauty of the scenery, I felt horrified by the quantity of homeless people living on the streets of San Francisco.

I never before saw such a magnitude of poverty in the U.S.

Yes, I had seen homeless before, asking for “donations” in tributaries to the Palmetto or I-95 roads in Miami; wandering on the streets of central Philadelphia, or even what I thought were authentic homeless’ neighborhoods in New Orleans. But nothing like San Francisco’s, though. Blocks and blocks of improvised shackles on the suburban streets of the city. Cadaveric individuals emerging at night, like “walking dead” characters in the downtown-centers of Los Angeles and San Francisco.

How can that happen in the U.S.?

Oh!, I see. California is a blue state. Voters there massively supported Hillary Clinton in 2016, so it seems that President Trump couldn't care less about California. But please, wait a moment, the majority of Californian homeless are American, aren’t they?, and Trump is the President of ALL Americans, isn’t he?

However, most politicians of both parties — Democrats and Republicans — are to be blamed for this disaster. By taking corporate donations, they allowed savage Capitalism, greed, to take control of markets. Not surprisingly, American voters opted for a formula — the Trump’s formula — in 2016, which at the time seemed it would be free of the temptations of corporate money, as he himself was supposed to be already a rich guy, and also he was not a career politician.

Unfortunately, Trump’s mirage did not last, and the candidate once becoming President of the U.S., with his repeated lies, nepotism, disdain for the Constitution, and also his aggresiveness toward independent thinkers, and people different to him; with his irresponsible lack of care about anything or anyone other than himself, rapidly began to show his inadequacy for the country’s top job.

The only good thing about his horrible tenure is that it permitted, as a result of his lack of competence, the appearance in the American political scene of a young bunch of Democrat politicians — led by Alexandria Ocasio Cortez (AOC) — who, untethered from the yoke of corporate money, began to compete (and win, in some cases, AOC, for example) against well established, and often unchallenged “sacred cows” within the Democrat party, for years.

But did you know that some 50 million people in the country have difficulties to get something to eat? …. Every day!

SOURCE: (tweeter’s blob store) ( PBS stands for ‘Photo Blob Store’)

According to Feeding America, the largest non-profit hunger relief agency in the U.S., the number of Americans that struggle to get enough food to feed themselves and/or their families is growing. Really, really growing.

The number of hungry Americans has increased by 45% this year to 50 million.

Taken from the article “America’s Hunger Issue”, by Tony Sagami, on Friday, September 11, 2020, Published in Weiss Ratings @:

50 million people!

I have to confess that, at first, I found those numbers difficult to believe. Stats like those, are more usual in the case of developing nations, those states very poor for that matter, but not for the U.S.

America, the land cutting taxes to corporations, the land of Quantitative Easings, and now the country printing lots of TRILLION dollars recently, should not, cannot have those shameful hunger numbers!

Americans must start to lose the fear attached to the word socialism. Please, do not associate the word with Venezuela: That is just fear-mongering by rightist groups. Venezuela is run today by a band of narco-dealers and bandits, who make use of the word socialism, to hide their real motivations for money and power.

The point is that the group Democratic Socialism, headed by AOC, as Bernie Sanders’ time is almost unfortunately over, advocates just common sense proposals:

  • Free for all healthcare.
  • Free education for all up to University level.
  • Increase the wages of American workers, so they can have a decent living with them.
  • Support for Climate change

As AOC said: “If that is Socialism, then let’s be it!”

Now, evidently they would not pretend the immediate application of all policies at the same time, but strong Goverment policies directed toward reaching those changes are expected, as they are clear indications of what the majority of Americans want and the U.S. needs.

After all, at the same time corporations and some people, are making billions of dollars every year! And when the time to bail corporations out of difficulties came, nobody was asking ‘how are we going to pay for it?’

Not to talk about the U.S billionaire Defense annual budget! Nobody asks whether the U.S. can afford such an extravagant annual expense.

Yes, it is maintaining America as the #1 worldwide military power nation. But, what about the U.S. citizens? What about the U.S. infrastructure? Most of the U.S. public works (motorways, roads, bridges, railroads, etc.) were built in the ‘40s-’50s, and are feeling the pass of time.

European countries, Japan, even China, are crisscrossed by networks of new highways, high-speed trains. Meanwhile, the U.S. infrastructure is old and crumbling.

There is a lot to be done!

Please, forget about labels for a minute. As AOC, I am no communist.

In fact, I hate Communism!

But it is clear to me that, if Capitalism, free private enterprise, is going to survive in the long term, WE NEED TO START BY PAYING WORKERS BETTER!

It is a matter of humanity, and, in the end, of pure common sense.

Despite the “normal” trend of people concentrating in cities, fear of rising crime, among other factors, is causing people to leave U.S. cities, and move to the suburbs. You see, desperation leads people to break the law and commit atrocities, so cities, with its abundance of resources, are becoming dangerous places to live in, because of uncontrolled crime.

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No one in the U.S., for as much money she or he has, can be able to live a tranquil life for as long, as there are so many Americans suffering from hunger.

Please, think about that when submitting your vote.

“Don’t punish desperation — just defuse it.”

by Bob Priest-Hack, CEO Freeman.

Eugenio is a disabled Economist (UCAB, Caracas), cursed a post-graduate Diploma in Marketing (Strathclyde University, Scotland, UK), and an MBA (England, UK).