Photo: The “hortera” Trump’s Hotel & Casino Taj Mahal, in Atlantic City.

“They lost, and they can’t get over it,” said Grant Woods, a former Republican Arizona attorney general who became a Democrat during Trump’s presidency. “And they don’t want to get over it because they want to continue to sow doubt about the election.”

“Maricopa county recorder Stephen Richer on Saturday called a Trump statement accusing the county of deleting an elections database “unhinged”, and called on other Republicans to stop the unfounded accusations.”

Video: https://youtu.be/iuw75vuT-tI

“…amid increasing scrutiny of the audit, which many experts say is not credible and will only further undermine confidence in the 2020 race.”

“The GOP, meanwhile, continues to go all-in, with both voters and elected officials launching audit, after audit, after audit, most of which are sketchy and almost all of which are likely to turn up no evidence of massive fraud.”

At: https://medium.com/reluctant-moderation/republican-voters-deserve-more-than-the-big-lie-e164636708ee



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Eugenio Magdalena

Eugenio Magdalena


Eugenio is a disabled Economist (UCAB, Caracas), cursed a post-graduate Diploma in Marketing (Strathclyde University, Scotland, UK), and an MBA (England, UK).