Once again, another school shootout in Tennessee, this time, “only” 6 dead, but, three of them children. Poor children. Poor teachers.

Eugenio Magdalena
3 min readApr 7, 2023

Again, multiple signs of public indignation, due to the latest shootout in a Christian private school in Nashville.

And Tennessee Legislature?

Well, the discussions searching for a solution to the problem were initiated at the Chamber, but amid very noisy demands for additional gun controls coming from the populated gallery, the Republican dominated Legislature approved — again — the discussion of measures already discussed and cast away, like arming the teachers, or having more armed guards at schools.

Three Democrat representatives (a white lady, plus two black legislators), were adding too much to the noise, with their demands for prohibition of future sales of assault rifles in Tennessee, saying that Republicans only wanted to appear as if they were working, with no real intention to solve the problem.

The result ?

Well, the two Democrat black representatives were expelled from the Chamber… but, the white female representative was exempt (racism?), of course until now, no prohibition decision has been taken from that Republican dominated State of Tennessee’s Assembly.

So, why bother with elections, if a group of politicians of one side, can twist the will of electors at their convenience, deciding who will be part of the discussions at the Legislature of Tennessee, and deciding who will not be ?

Source : Red States, described by CNN as “laboratories of autocracy”, at Governing magazine, in Google Images.

Maybe CNN is right, describing red States as “ laboratories of autocracy

But, even a miracously approval — at federal level — of a prohibition of new sales of assault weapons by itself, although it would help, it won’t solve the problem… a morning speaker of CNN estimated a total of 16–20 million assault rifles already sold in the U.S.

What to do with them?

The natural thing to do would be to prohibit their posession as well.

But, that would collide frontally with the 2nd Constitutional Amedment.

And its change would require a Constitutional change, and any change of the Constitution of the U.S., would in turn require a favorable vote of 2/3 of both Chambers, and on top of it then, the prohibition would need to be ratified by 3/4 of the State legislatures.


But, even if a miraculous prohibition of posessing assault rifles is decreed, shooters would probably switch their malignant attention (or intentions) to handguns, which with a maximum legal capacity of 10 cartridges per magazine, would probably be considered good enough to perpetrate the terrible job.

And legal freedom to get as many magazines as you can/want,

You see what the problem is ?

The U.S. needs to disarm its population ASAP, period.

So, unfortunately we’ll be lamenting deaths at U.S. schools (and at other sites) for a long time.

And, probably, future generations too.



Eugenio Magdalena

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