Eugenio Magdalena
2 min readJan 9, 2024


She is my favorite candidate…

Nikky Haley ?

… indicating a possible renaissance of the GOP party.

Photo: THE NEW YORKER : Nikki Helay during the GOP third Presidential debate,

No doubt at all, Biden has been an excelent President.

Specially, after the disastrous term of the malignant dumb.

Thanks god, the campaign of Nikki Helayy seems to start gaining ground after months of stagnation, in which most of he media kept repeating the leadership position occupied by the monster.

Biden’s principal enemy is his age.

But, not because he has given any proof of being too old for his job to date, no. As I said before, Biden has done an excelent job.

But, inevitably, he would be 84 by the end of his next mandate. And that age, raise serious doubts in a lot of voter’s minds. And Kamala Harris to replace him in case of need?

With upmost respect for the current V.P., I don’t think so.

However, that same formula will be again a winning formula against the malignant dumb. But, not if the GOP candidate is Nikki Helay.

In a possible scenary against Haley, Biden would need to select a different mate as a V.P.

Or else, Haley will represent the come back to power of the Republican party, this time with a President who knows her job well and, DON’T LIE.



Eugenio Magdalena

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