The answer lays in the country's leadership…

COVID-19 in the U.S.A.: The Numbers do not lie.

… or rather, in the lack of it.

Have you asked yourself why COVID-19 appears to be more virulent in the U.S.A. than in any other country?

Is it divine punishment for the cruelty and lack of humanity that the U.S. showed when migrant children were put into cages, like animals?

Or that celestial punishment was due to the recent, abusive use of excessive force employed by the authorities against peaceful protesters?

Well, not being a believer, I would look for the answers to those questions somewhere else.

Do you remember, as I do, those times at which, when looking at the massive presence of the coronavirus on Italian soil, we all smile mockingly, while mentally attributing it all to ‘ those disorderly Italians’?

“Antibody testing in Italy indicates that nearly 1.5 million people, or about 2.5% of the population, have had the coronavirus”.

As reported in ‘The Washington Post’, in an article written by Nicole Windfield-AP, (08/03/2020)

Well, as it happens, the Italian authorities and the Italian population has managed well the spread of the virus, to the point that, nowadays, the country shows only a few new cases caused by infection:

“The number of new cases of infection remains contained on the whole. This is thanks to testing-tracing-tracking activities, which make it possible to break potential transmission chains at an early stage.”

That proves without any doubt, at least it does to me, that with a firm and clear leadership, involving ALL citizens, it is possible to fight successfully the spread of the coronavirus.

Compare the Italian experience with what happened in America.

I am not going to repeat again President Trump’s conduct as the top country leader, with the U.S. facing the coronavirus pandemic. That should be well known by all of you by now.

Enough to say that I would not like to face a major crisis, with the likes of President Trump, and his many and frequent lies and mistakes, or say, with Senator Ted Cruz (have you see him lately?, he looks like a red-neck member of his beloved Ku-Kus-clan!) leading my country.

The Senator seems very proud of his present looks, as he wrote in Tweeter on January 9, 2019 (I’m sorry, I thought it was a new look. Obviously, I do not pay much attention to Senator Cruz, who at the time said, referring to his then-new look:)

“Pretty cool: A good friend is studying in Yeshiva in Israel. His rabbi told him he liked my beard, elaborating “It gives Cruz a Talmudic & Rabbinic look & presence that will put the fear of the Lord into Israel’s enemies & promote Middle East peace.” Wow. Perhaps a bit much….

Eugenio is a disabled Economist (UCAB, Caracas), cursed a post-graduate Diploma in Marketing (Strathclyde University, Scotland, UK), and an MBA (England, UK).