The popularity of the maligant dumb.

Eugenio Magdalena
2 min readJul 9, 2023

As I was in the process of trying to explain to myself and others, the seemingly huge advantage of the malignant dumb on the polls for the upcoming primary election of the Republican party, despite his continuos lies, gaffes. and indicement.

One of the cards that DJT sold to his followers. Anything goes, for a profit’

Although I don’t believe much on polls, the quote below, although referring to the results of the 2020 Presidential election, brought a reason for the popularity of the malignant dumb, which I had not considered until now, a valid reason, I’d say.

I hope the writer of the quote would be so generous, as to excuse my error, but the truth is that I didn’t expect to ever use that quote in my writings, as I thought of that reason, wich, as I already said, I had not considered before, as corresponding to a tiny minority of the U.S. population, and I was thinking of the Americans as a homogeneous, think alike, society, (which they are not) far away from the characteristics indicated by the writer of the paragraph wich I’m quoting.

But experience is increasingly demostrating to me, that what the unidentfied writer expose so eloquently, might well be the main reason for the perceived popularity of the malignant dumb.

It was a couple of years ago (I think, but really I’m not sure) that I came across a paragrah written by a fellow member, a woman, I think, but I failed (stupid me!) to properly identify the writer of the paragraph, which I’m now quoting;

“Turns out, a lot of Americans were like Trump on the inside. They were selfish and arrogant. They were lazy and judgmental. They were racist and homophobic. They were loud and aggressive. They were waiting for someone to give them permission to show it”.

A quote by a still unidentified member.

If any reader identify the autor of the quote, please indicate her details to me, and I’ll correct the article immdiately, Thanks.



Eugenio Magdalena

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