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There is only one way to save it ...

Democracy in America Today, is in Grave Danger.

…To Vote!

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What type of country do you want? For you, and, especially, for your descendants.

You see, some earlier human beings opted for only the elder, or the richest, or the stronger, or the more knowledgeable, having the right to vote and take all important decisions, including the selection of those who would take care of the government.

I think it was Aristotle who said that Monarchies, necessarily evolve into Democracies; and Democracies evolve into Dictatorships or Autocracies.

Is that true?

Do Republicans believe that America is inevitably following that route?

You see, today and in the foreseeable future, America’s demographic growth is, and will be composed mainly by diverse shades of brown people, who eventually will acquire citizenship, mostly voting Democrat under the current two party system. Leftiest, if we assume a left party will ever burst into American politics.

Under that light, conservatives, represented by the current Republican party, (extremist, right-dictatorship-prone) have, or appear to have no future. And the last Presidential election, in November 2020, proved that point very well. Despite being the most ever voted Republican candidate in history, incumbent President Donald Trump still lost the election to Biden, by a staggering 8 million popular votes.

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Now, Republicans know this very well. That explains the popularity of ‘The wall’ among conservatives, and it is also why they showed no regrets of any kind, when attempting to move the U.S. into a new form of government: A Dictatorship under Trump.

In addition, that is also why — abandoning any hope of a fair electoral victory — the Republicans have resorted to voter supression everywehere, as the only path to white-power (with clear intentions to install a fascist, dictatorship Government, in America).

Now, Republicans may not have discovered that yet, but it is going to be very difficult — impossible really —for anyone with Presidential aspirations (in 2024 or after) to be postulated, if the surname Trump does not follow their name, as Trump is not interested in a candidature, what he wants is a dinasty, the Trump dinasty, make no mistake.

But the country, and its institutions were not ready to do that … yet!

Trump and Republicans then created a mythical ‘election fraud’, and used it to try to suppress the right to vote of some, mainly non white electors, expecting once again, to achieve their power objectives at any cost.

“In hundreds of new laws in 43 states, Republicans are erecting barriers to voting and seeking to throttle democracy at its source. Harsh voter ID laws, arbitrary restrictions on absentee and mail-in ballots, and a slew of additional measures they euphemistically call efforts at ensuring “election integrity.”

Article by Alexander Zirevich: “The battle to save Democracy” @

To combat that, and to ensure that the U.S.A. remains a democratic country, the Democrats, as main beneficiaries of that demographic growth, need to strenghten even more the institutions of the country, while American citizens, especially those non-white, must overcome their historical electoral apathy (although voters turnout has improved substantially election after election, voter’s abstention remained unacceptably high, at +/- 40% in 2020), and vote massively on election day.

We all saw how, against all odds, voter’s turnout in Georgia — traditionally a red State — , converted the State into a blue State, at the last Presidential election:

… with 5,445,078 active registered voters on Election Day and at least 4,045,613 votes cast, turnout was greater than 74%.

Secretary of State, Brad Raffensperger, cited at :

That is the solution and the best way to counteract the dirty, and anti-democratic maneuvers of the Republicans.



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