There was a time in which America would not tolerate Trump’s shown behavior by its President…

Trump’s Gaslighting Capacity.

yet, here we are, allowing him, a consummated con and a systematic lier, to run for office again.

I wrote many times before, I am surprised and simultaneously ashamed that a democratic party, like the Republican party, allowed a fascist, ignorant, inept person, like Donald Trump, to represent the party in an election.

At the end, I was even more surprised after his triumph in the 2016 election.

But, later I attributed his electoral victory just to a desire to a change by an electorate overwhelmed by historical unresolved deficiencies of a capitalistic society like the U.S., plagued by low salaries, growing racism, and fear. Fear of crime and fear of the government’s inaction.

With the great majority of Americans obnubilated by their daily problems, voters became easy prey for Trump’s anti-establishment and populist rhetoric.

And the Republican party’s electoral foresight, and its need to a Presidential triumph after eight years of Obama, made Trump’s populism, and his TV personality, well known to Americans, an ideal recipe for the complicated electoral challenge ahead.

But that was the election of 2016, but how about now?

Well, now the situation is entirely different, although voters still suffer from the maladies of 2016, e.g. increase of racism, scarcity of money, fear of rampant crime, etc., exacerbated now by the problems brought by the coronavirus pandemic: very high unemployment, difficulties to move, etc.

And the Republican party, after 4 years of savoring of the honey-pot of power, is finding extremely difficult to give up the embellishment attached to power, and shortsightedly, fell in the arms of Trump, a possessor of mala fide.

ut, at least now we all know Trump and the damage he has caused to America during his first mandate: Division and hate between Americans, damage to democracy, plus the fact that he clearly exhibited some insidious traits:


This horrendous trait of his personality is without question, very clearly identifiable in President Trump. His continuous reference to Latins as inferior, prone to murder and rape; his references to “those sh** holes they came from”; his open admiration of police brutality against colored people; his frequent contemptuous comments about Muslims, and the spread of the term “ white supremacy” during his mandate, make racism an integral part of his administration. His despise for human beings less fortunate than himself made him make fun, mock-up like a monkey, when he was referring to a disabled person, during a TV appearance.


His disrespect for women manifested itself, early during his 2016 candidature, when people started to observe him more closely. His famous phrase “grab them by their pussy ”, which he later dismissed as “a locker room comment”, clearly denotes, in our opinion, who he is. He is supposed to have used his money to walk out immune from accusations of out of marriage sex with porn-stars and other women.

Stormy Daniels, a porn star who claimed a sex relationship with Trump, something he denied but settled out of court, anyway.Photo:

Lack of leadership at times of crisis

Manifested during the coronavirus pandemic, which for a precious time he dismissed as something inoffensive and short-lived, which generated the country’s unpreparedness resulting in the unnecessary death of thousands of Americans, and clearly unveiled him as an ignorant, arrogant, inadequate leader. Later he recommended in national TV, the ingestion of a disinfectant as an effective remedy against COVID-19 (!).

Of course, once his sycophants made him aware of the monumental and dangerous gaffe, he said he was only joking!

Trump after suggesting ‘injections of a disinfectant’ against COVI-19. Later he said he was only joking. Photo:!/quality/90/?

Corrupt leader

Not only for his evident nepotism, placing his relatives, without any government experience, in high salary governmental positions, while simultaneously, allowing them to maintain clear ties with his own business.

He also repeatedly, pressed organizers and organized, and tried to organize himself, to the benefit of his businesses, local and even international meetings at his own resorts.

Despite numerous calls to do so, he remains the only public official who repeatedly refuses to show his tax returns, indicating obscure deals and turbulent financials in his past.

Damaged international relationships

He severed U.S. ties with key allied countries like Canada, Mexico, and France, all while cultivating a “friendly” relationship with raving lunatic leaders like Yung Kim of North Korea, whom he qualified as his friend, and Vladimir Putin, the authoritarian strong man, president of Russia, accused by many people of interfering in favor of Trump, during the election of 2016, despite clearance by a suspect “Russia interference” study conducted by Robert S.Mueller.

The Mueller Report, an obscure document, which nevertheless left Americans with a good and clear feeling of Rusia’s intervention in the 2016 Presidential election, favoring Trump. Photo:

Con artist manners

Whether he wanted it or not, the whole nation is getting used to Trump’s lies, his false positioning (for God's sake! Did you see him, carrying a Bible with the backdrop of a church? He was so evidently out of place!. I am sure he had not visited a church for a long time!), his bad manners, name-calling, attitude against the journalists and the media which denounce his lies, etc.

also pulled the U.S. out of key international treaties like the Climate Global Agreement, despite the USA’s exposure to climate-related events, and the Trans-Pacific commerce deal, which ensured the U.S’s. commercial access to rich foreign markets.

He threatened to pull out the USA from the defense treaty NATO as well, and in general, deteriorated the international image of the USA.

That is why, with the pass of time and knowing Trump and his leadership or rather, his lack of it, better, we do not understand how the Republican party has nominated Trump, a many times proven liar, as its candidate for reelection.

I have to apologize for having referred to the President of the United States in such derogatory terms, the majesty of the position does not deserve it, but really I see Trump as a usurper, who got the position he has, taking advantage of an electorate tired and losing hope in their career politicians, with the shrewdness of a con artist.

The attitude of the Republican party toward Trump can only be explained if rightist, unscrupulous people, like the members of the infamous Tea Party, have taken control of the Republican party to the point of making it irreconcilable to sympathizers, people like me.

That being the case, and as I cannot ever imaging U.S. voters electing such a spoiled brat again as President of the U.S.A., I hereby predict a clear, landslide victory of the Democratic candidate in the November’s election.



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Eugenio Magdalena

Eugenio is a disabled Economist (UCAB, Caracas), cursed a post-graduate Diploma in Marketing (Strathclyde University, Scotland, UK), and an MBA (England, UK).